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Your favorite episode

Don't know if it's ever been in discussion in this group, as I was watching on of my favorite episodes (Dough Re Mi) I was wondering what everyone's favorite episode? Any takers?
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I like the one where Peter's volcano erupts all over the snooty girls Marsha brings home.

Oh, and the one where Carol helps the boys with baseball and Mike helps the girls cook. :)

Oh and... OK, so I ike most of them. hahaha!
Davey Jones is DEFINITELY one of my favorites.

I don't like the ones with Cousin Oliver though.
I have to agree...the Davy Jones episode is GREAT!

And cousin oliver...ugh! I hated those.
I'll never wash this cheek again for as long as I live.
The volcano one is hilarious. The Oliver epps weren't too bad. Especially the Shirley Temple and the one where Greg's hair turns orange.
Oh, that one was just on! :D
Which one? Greg's orange hair or Cindy's Shirley look?
I love the ones with Cousin Oliver. I also love the King's Island episode.
Oh yeah, the Kings Island was great. Especially the part where they finally find Mike's plans and do a relay run to get them over to him.