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bradybunch's Journal

A Very Brady Commune
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Are you a Brady fiend? Are like-minded individuals scarce in your neighborhood? Do people constantly scorn your appreciation for the whole "blooming Brady brood?" Then join the Very Brady Commune, and revel in the unreality and kitschiness that could only be inspired by The Brady Bunch.

Discuss your favorite Brady moments, share your own fanfiction, artwork, and poems, probe the many mysteries of the elusive Brady house, even critique and improve upon the Brady's best schemes and sabotages.

At the Very Brady Commune, our doors are always open, that is, if you can prove you're not Mom and Dad Brady skipping a rare evening alone at a charming restaurant to test our safety skills by pretending to be big bad strangers. Do not attempt this. The neighbors will call the cops on you and the cops will arrest you for breaking into your own home. But we will still let you in once everyone has a good laugh over it, for that is the Brady way.

Have fun.
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